7 signs that you are working for a "WRONG BOSS"

The Wrong Boss

There is a reason why the title says “WRONG BOSS” and not “Leader”, because the signs mentioned below are definitely not traits of a leader. The points mentioned below might have been stated by many, definitely encountered by many and seemingly stale but the attempt is to put my perspective to it.
In the current job ecosystem it is very tough to choose a boss and that’s when most of the things go wrong. Probably one of the most viewed, shared and liked post on the social platforms is
“People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers”
and this is definitely true. Having managed teams and being managed by bosses & leaders, I find below traits are definite signs that you are under the leadership of a wrong person

1. Dishonest / No Ethics

It is a very common phenomenon by managers to find shortcuts or efficient ways to increase business, get sales done or save the organizations' money there-by contributing to the overall business objective and it is completely fair if practiced through fair means. But if you notice that your manager is doing this by cheating people, sidelining associates or partners by taking away their share of incentives, taking the easy route against the laws or have hidden agenda(s) behind every action then this type of individual is definitely not trustworthy as a boss and as a human being.

2. Takes undue credit

This is a definite sign of incompetency by managers where the credit of a team-members' task is taken by the manager. A very general practice is when the manager says that he / she was the person whose brilliance made it happen where the fact would be that the contribution from them would be minimal. A sure sign that you would never ever grow under this form of leadership. A conventional leader would never take credit; even for their own achievements.

3. Talks negative about people

Gossip is a general behavior amongst people but be very careful of what your manager speaks with you about other people in the organization. If he / she speaks negative things and spreads rumors about people in the organization then rest assured that he will speak similarly to others about you. By identifying this trait you can typically assess the character of your manager or rather any individual.

4. Non-accountable

Any manager's best trait is to stand for his/her people. If you find your manager passing the buck and blaming you for his/her mistakes then it is a clear sign that you or others in the team would always be a scapegoat. There is also an advanced or diplomatic version to this trait where your manager owns the mistake and simultaneously communicates that they were not aware of the entire incident and someone from the team goofed up. Thumb-rule to identify a good manager; he/she would stand for you in public come-what-may and possibly take the issue with you separately.

5. Poor Decision Making

A good manager is as good as his/her decision making skills. If you find your manager getting influenced by everybody around and keeps on changing his/her decisions then it is a clear sign that you as a team member will always be perceived as a member of a losing team and you, despite of all the attempts will never be considered credible and dependable.

6. Humiliates you in public

Any manager who doesn't respect your individuality is not worth his/her position. If your manager abuses you or humiliates you in front of others it is a clear sign that he/she will never ever understand your real worth and will always treat you like zilch. Great leaders will always respect their team and ensure that they encourage their team to enhance their capabilities as well as to climb up the corporate ladder. Managers in this category generally pretend like they know everything and are not receptive to ideas. They also ensure that they treat you in a manner where you start feeling that you are good-for-nothing.

7. Never appreciates you

Appreciation is the basic need of every human being and if a manager doesn't understand this then he/she is just lucky to have reached to his/her position. A single pat on the back of a team-member is worth few paychecks. A managers' core responsibility is to create managers and this cannot be possible if they don't appreciate the work done by you. Typically a non-appreciative environment sets a negative ambiance where the only people who would remain are non-ambitious and non-performers. Typically with managers like these, the appreciation cycle just happens once a year and that too because of the organizational process. Unfortunately they club feedback along with this event. When appreciation and review gets combined the entire purpose gets defeated. If your manager gives you conditional appreciation it is of no value. It dilutes the appreciation as well as the condition.
Be very careful of these traits, these are some of the most dangerous people to work for. If you experience more than 3 of these in any of your manager it is time for you to think before you become a "collateral damage"
Thanks for reading.
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