Monday, May 16, 2016

Don't be an Entrepreneur | Entrepreneurship Tips | Business Advice

Entrepreneurship is in fashion these days; it has become a style statement. Few years back if a young graduate started a venture he / she would have been considered as a non-practical individual with no sense of responsibility. You would never have got any support for plunging in and would have been constantly tortured with a statement “Will you be able to get some money this month atleast?"
But times are changing and so is the mindset of people. I have seen people transforming from being not-so-happy to being proud when their wards become entrepreneurs. Now they proudly say “Mere bachhe ka business hai” (My child is an entrepreneur).
But even now, I would say, “Don’t be an entrepreneur”
Yes, I mean it when I say “Don’t be an entrepreneur!”, but it comes with a clause “if” or rather several “ifs”. These are notions that had hit me time and again whenever I thought of being an entrepreneur; I still remain to be an aspiring entrepreneur or I would rather say that I am yet to be a successful entrepreneur.
Be very careful and clear whenever you decide to take the plunge.
 Don’t be an entrepreneur … IF:
  1. You think “I am bored with my job”:
    • Entrepreneurship is not for people who feel bored with their current job. If the mindset you carry is to look for a change then better look for another job opportunity because entrepreneurship comes with lot of responsibilities; responsibility towards your team, investors, customers, industry, government and society.
  2. You think “I can do better if I work this hard for myself”
    • This is a general notion and thought that most of us carry, but I feel this state-of-mind would do no good for aspiring entrepreneurs. Always keep in mind that if you think that you are working hard then it means there is somebody who force you to work hard, because that is the only time when this thought comes into mind. If self-motivation is what drives you to work hard then it will not be “work” – it will be passion.
  3. You think “I can get richer, quicker”
    • With start-ups raking in a lot of money as seed-funds, early stage funding and VC funding, there is a notion that this is the easiest way to be rich. Trust me – it’s not. Investors are not people who would put money just like that; they need to be convinced that you have a plan, vision, team and above all a thought-process to bring in change. For most of the successful entrepreneurs, money was just a by-product; primarily it was the desire to address a customer pain-point and make life simpler.
  4. You think “I will have people to do my job”
    • If you just want to boss around people then as an entrepreneur it would be the worst notion you would carry. For being a successful entrepreneur you shouldn’t be a “Good Boss” but a “Good Leader”. Most of the candidates who will join your startup, will come with a want-to-learn mindset, so it is very important that you lead by example, hence you will have to probably work more and work smart.
  5. You think “I can always get back to job”
    • Until the time you remove your safety net, you will never ever be able to focus on your key goal of that to be a successful entrepreneur. The thought of getting back to job will always be a stumbling block to your success. This would somewhere prepare you for failure but will never make you strong enough to deal with success. Dealing with success is much more tougher than dealing with failure.
Entrepreneurship is not just another job; it’s a lifestyle you choose to live. It comes with its own share of challenges but I am pretty sure that the work-satisfaction it gives and the high an entrepreneur experiences is something that everyone should go through. If you aspire to be an entrepreneur then dream for the sky atleast you will not end up with a handful of dust.
Good luck and God bless!

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