Monday, May 16, 2016

Lessons from a 3 year old Chap | Life Lessons | Everyday Learning

“Child is the father of a man” … William Wordsworth
The above quote has numerous interpretations but those interpretations are not valid here. Here it is just used as an article-opener :)
Having said that, as a personal experience I believe all children do impart significant learning in our lives that can be used as daily motivations. My learning from a 3 year old chap :)

Live every moment

For a typical 3 year old child there is not even a single second where he / she is inactive, they enjoy each and every moment and subconsciously I feel that they are the ones who thank God by being happy always for the wonderful life they have been gifted with.

Victory at any cost

I am sure many of you might have experienced it; these folks know how to get what they want. Love, Laugh, Scream or Cry, they ensure that victory will always be theirs.


I believe most of the adults can be nowhere near when it comes to concentration power and focus on any activity. Whether it is watching the television or playing with a toy.


They are the real scientists when “everyday innovation” has to be practised. I am always amazed when I see my nephew finding amazing ways of getting things done and some of them are the ones I thought would never have existed

A brand new day… Everyday

With happy memories they just move ahead to the next day effortlessly, no regret about the past and no anxiety about the future. A simple philosophy which all of us aspire to practice “It is here and now; nothing else matters”

Expensive never matters

Get them a 20 buck toy or a BMW miniature, they enjoy the company of both, many a times they enjoy the cheapest toy they have.

Attention to detail

Be it sound, light, people or dust they are the ones who know and realize the minutest of change and they are the masters of noticing everything

Unconditional Love

Life is simple; if you love me I will love you. If you don’t love me, I will still love you :)

No racism, caste-ism or any other complex nonsense

Mantra of their life “I am a human being and I will love all living beings as well as non-living beings :)”

No fear

Fear-science for them “I am afraid of only 2 things; falling and loud noise, everything else “I can do it” :)”

No Baggage

Nothing bothers them, they do don’t carry baggage. Best way to live life – “Forget soon and Forgive now”
 Innocence and honesty in everything they do are traits that are enviable and admirable but then... They Grow Up, get "Educated" and the mess starts, :)
Thank you for reading.

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