Monday, May 16, 2016

Pay to Horn-Honk; recurring revenue model for vehicle manufacturers and a way to significantly reduce noise pollution.

I had the honour and opportunity to drive in Mumbai roads, was it an enjoyable one? No it was not.
Yes, traffic adds to the disturbance but I do not consider it as the prime reason for the frustration that I experienced or rather I still experience. For me it has always been uncivilized driving by peer-drivers (private & public transport) and untimely, uncivilized honking practice.
I always wondered, what’s the hurry and which racing track are they going to win. Most of the times victim of this frustration were my fellow passengers (mostly my wife :) ) and I should confess that there were instances where even I behaved like an uncivilized citizen when it came to driving etiquette.
This frustration helped me to ask a question to myself, “Why do people honk so badly and without a reason?” I checked with few of my friends and many of them gave me a reason that on-goers and other drivers do not follow road-rules and honking was the best to make them realize that. But I was not convinced, I feel relentless honking has been a practice because it’s FREE and most of the drivers do not appreciate the practice of controlling noise pollution. I have been fortunate to meet few drivers who share the same thought as mine and this thought is what triggered to write this post and to think of an idea where we can reduce “Noise Pollution” to a considerable level.
My thought:
Seems foolish but think it this way, when anybody buys a car or any other vehicle, the vehicle manufacturer will assign the buyer with a horn-honk credit of 10000 (sample number) which gives the vehicle owner / driver the luxury to honk 10000 times and beyond that he/she will have to pay a premium or atleast a cost to refill it. That is, whenever you honk the counter will deduct the credits based on the number of times the driver honked.
Unfortunately, change is not a welcome thing but I feel this change is essential to control & take care of the bigger environmental damage that might happen soon because of the atrocious honking habit proudly practiced. No vehicle buyers will appreciate this idea because they will have to pay for something that was free till-date and for something that is considered so minuscule from the damage viewpoint. But I believe a positive step towards this by responsible vehicle manufactures and public bodies will create a lot of positive impact in controlling the uncontrollable, unacceptable noise pollution that happens
Yes, monitoring will be a key challenge considering the expertise we have in getting things done from unauthorized service providers but I am sure that with the bio-metrics and other sensor-based technology available this is very much possible. I am working on the tech-specs document but to give a gist of the functionality, consider that for refilling horn-credits in the vehicle-automation system you will need 2-level finger-scan or 2 one-time-passwords based authentication to enable the horn-credit system. This will be required from both the parties a) the vehicle owner b) the vehicle manufacturer / authorized center(s). This was explained in a very simple manner but the technology involved in here is pretty sophisticated and complex. The above said technology will ensure that this refilling exercise is practiced only at authorized centers.
I will not want to elaborate this too much in detail; not for hiding the thought-process but for the fact that this might turn boring with a lot of tech-specs coming into picture. I will do it in my patent application :) if it’s applicable.
I believe this change would drastically reduce the practice of horn-honking and will help drivers be much more peaceful as well as it will be a big step towards reducing, if not nullifying the noise pollution that is experienced today.
Thanks for reading!
Do share your thoughts on the same.

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