Monday, May 16, 2016

The Power of Nothing | Life Lessons | Life Insights

How many times in life have you faced a situation where everything and everyone is against you; a feeling of complete failure; a feeling of having nothing in hand? In my life (I am not that old to preach :)) but in the last 36 years I have been fortunate to be in this situation more than once. Though I say it as fortunate now but it definitely is a dreadful feeling where you are at the verge of collapsing, anxiety kills you and you find yourself completely lost.
But I have been fortunate and during these situations there were few people who had belief in me more than what I had in myself. The best part was, these patches in my life helped me realize one important thing… “The Power of Nothing”
What happens when you are in this situation?
You have “Nothing” to lose:
The best example of this can be found in the book “Before You Quit You Job” by the bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki where he mentions an instance of him being rejected in a job interview at Xerox. He gets completely disturbed and gives a speech to his manager on how he is the best bet compared to the Business Grads present there and what makes him unique for this role which eventually lands him the job. The take-away is he gathered this courage to speak because he had “nothing” to lose as he was already rejected. This situation gives rise to an amazing power and confidence to an individual that surpasses all the odds and most of the times result in being a winner.
“Nothing” can be worse than your current situation:
Well, if you are a Bollywood fan / follower , in the movie “Jab We Met” when Aditya (Shahid Kapoor) returns from his sabbatical or to be precise returns after being absconding, he meets the investors and says that “our share prices are at all time low and that’s the best part. We cannot go below than this; the only way now is upwards”. The take-away is when you are totally destroyed, no force in the world can destroy you more. This again gives the courage to do whatever it takes to rise-up and gives an inherent happiness that “nothing” can damage or destroy you now.
“Nothing” to be done to impress others:
Many a times what bothers an individual is the expectation that the society or people have from him/her. But the situation of being broke or the situation of being a complete failure kills all expectations. Acquaintances or peers or at times the family has already given upon you and they have tagged you as a loser and a good for “nothing” guy. Trust me this feeling is blissful, you have nobody to please, you have nothing to do with worldly matters, the only thing that you concentrate at that point is yourself. This is when you really explore “What are you and what do you want?” It gives you the power to be “You”.
There are many “nothings” that bestows immense power to you but I personally have experienced the power of these nothings that definitely has helped me in many ways.
Do enjoy and practice your “Power of Nothing”, it has got an amazing potential to change your life for good.
Thanks for reading!

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