Monday, May 23, 2016

When should you quit you job?

When should you quit your job?
Well the answer is quite simple but would like to elaborate few points that are general scenarios when the “quitting” thought creeps.

Primarily, if you are planning to quit and do something on your own then you can stop reading this right now and JUST DO IT, I have also written something on –being-an-entrepreneur topic as well. You can read my post here at “DON’T BE AN ENTREPRENEUR


if you plan to switch your job then probably below pointers might be of help.

#1 – Your boss is an idiot
If this is the reason you plan to quit then think again, you will have a boss everywhere and in today’s “make-boss-happy” corporate environment it would be very tough to work under a leader and not a boss who is not busy making his/her boss happy. WRONG REASON to quit.

#2 – You feel you do not contribute to the bigger cause of the organization
Relax… 80% of your job is always going to be routine and the other fortunate 20% solely depends on your employer as well as your aspirations. This reason to quit is a lame one because if you want to contribute just keep contributing, the organization someday might notice and appreciate or you would grow personally with new ideas and thoughts. Just be so good that they cannot ignore you. WRONG REASON to quit

#3 – You hate your co-workers
Same explanation as #1 – There will be co-workers everywhere, you cannot be happy with everyone every time. Find people with similar wavelength as yours and enjoy the company and if possible your job. An absolutely WRONG REASON to quit

#4 – You want a better profile
This is the most stupid and vague reason to quit a job. There is nothing called as job-profile, it is just learning every day. Profile written in job description of other companies might be rosy as well (based on my experience a significant percentage of job description are just copy-&-paste content with some localization / internal touch).  Just speak to your manager and get it sorted. If it doesn’t change in a while then think about switching. Partially WRONG REASON to quit.

#5 – To make more money
Well, if it’s that blunt and clear then this is probably a reason to quit. But be clear that it is not what Uncle Ben (Spiderman movie) said “With more power come more responsibilities”, in the corporate world it just means that “With more money comes a lot of work to be justified and rest assured you would be nearing the RADAR”. But as I said if you are clear that you want to increase your income then probably partially RIGHT reason to quit

#6 – You do not love your job anymore
Just be absolutely sure that this reason is not a derivation because of the above #4 reasons, yes above #4 reasons could be a part of this but not “the” part. This is a very serious situation you are in. If your job doesn’t excite you to go to office every day and if it doesn’t give you the adrenaline rush anymore then you are at the wrong place. You are wasting your time, and it is your life. In this regard there are 2 favourite quotes that I follow

“The only way to do great work to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

“When work is pleasure, life is joy. When work is a duty, life is slavery” – Maxim Gorky

According to me #6 is the only “COMPLETELY CORRECT” reason to quit; all others are just excuses to run away.

Please note that these are my thoughts and I am no expert in HR mind-set, probably I have gained these thoughts because I have switched many times in my career :)

Thank you for reading.

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