Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Social Messiah | The Savior of our times

Social Media Marketing, undoubtedly the jargon amongst new generation marketers and social networking is the new buzzword amongst the techno-slave generation today (including me : ) ).

I ventured the digital marketing space “by-chance” in 2006 and everything was just about to begin except Google. It’s just 10 years back and I feel old already :) seemingly talking about a generation gap. Initially I was amazed and always realized that the key was “emotion-heavy marketing” but off-late I probably have a different take on this approach. Yes, it still is emotion driven and if you realize that most posts you like / share is just because they triggered an emotion in you, in whatever form, but it was that emotional trigger that influenced you to act in a particular way. With “Reactions” Facebook continues to influence people to express more and precisely, so to say.

But have you ever thought about it, that any social media platform, why is it so addictive and contagious in nature? I personally believe that it is because it addresses an inherent, subconscious need of a human being; THE INHERENT NEED OF “BEING HEARD”.
I am pretty much sure (though I do not have any statistical evidence currently) that the one person that you talk with the most is “YOU”.  There are infinite things running in our mind and we always needed a channel to let it go or vent it out and then came the messiah; THE SOCIAL MESSIAH. A savior of sorts who is always ready to listen, see and at times appreciate what you have to communicate.

I am not generalizing it but based on personal experience I feel that people who “shout” a lot or are explosive on social networking sites are the quietest ones in the real world. In all probabilities they are extreme “introverts” who are afraid to open up to real people and they take solace in virtual world OR these are people who like to talk a lot but “real” people around bully them. The best part of social media is the fact that almost 95% of your so called “friends” ignore what you are saying and for many it’s a “blessing in disguise”. They “shout” without making the “noise”.

And platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other social sites probably addressed the biggest pain-point in the history of mankind and eventually are multi-billion dollar companies.

Social Media is not specifically for people who are alone but is definitely for people who are lonely.

Thanks to this savior but are we paying a heavy price for it?

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