Monday, July 4, 2022

Best Digital Marketing Mentor - Manoj Aravindakshan

All of us have a mentor who unknowingly becomes a changemaker in our lives and subconsciously we take a path guided by them which becomes "THE PATH" for us. Even, I have one of those mentors, when I look back, he actually changed my life course for good and I feel I have done fairly well in my chosen path.

India's early digital marketing era was around 2004-2005 when SEO and PPC became buzzwords. This was when my cousin Manoj Aravindakshan incorporated his digital marketing agency in Singapore under On Target Media and Marketing Services Pte. Ltd to provide 360-degree online marketing services for the South East Asian geographies.

Those times, whenever we used to interact there were a lot of mentions about SEO and PPC projects that he was consulting/managing for his clients. During then I was a sales guy selling software, these terms were literally Latin to Me. The only form of digital marketing I was exposed to was email marketing, and it was the be-all and end-all for me and my peers.

Cut 2 - October 2006, I had a minor health issue and I had to take a break from the sales role, to avoid the stress and lifestyle. That is when Manoj asked Me if I would be interested in managing the Indian unit he was planning to open. I was intrigued, anxious and excited at the same time. For more than one reason, primarily because I grew up with a mentality that business within the family is a no-no, second, the domain was new and I had zero knowledge about it. 

Manoj was always a role model to everybody in our family. To set the context and expectations, he explained his entire plan and he supported Me in gaining the required confidence to manage this role, and that is how, in December 2006, I took the plunge into the world of digital marketing. And he became my digital marketing mentor from day 0.

The first thing he did was to inculcate a habit of reading in Me. I was terrible and found reading very boring, but the job demanded it. He continuously guided Me and I did my bit in terms of learning more and doing more. In a few months, I got certified in Google Adwords, and I was pitching this new concept to clients all over India, predominantly Mumbai. Brands were intrigued and awed with the possibilities of digital marketing, and what it can do to their businesses. 

After every sales call, there was a need where Manoj had to speak to them, to convince them of our abilities, and even from those calls, I learned the best way of selling digital marketing services, and it was only through a problem-solution approach. Manoj always did that, he used to put himself in the clients' shoes and walk the path to understand what was the best strategy. He was my best digital marketing mentor for client service excellence, and here he became the best digital marketing mentor for selling these services. 

Cut 3 - 2022

After 16 years in digital marketing, I still learn from Manoj, on various elements of digital marketing. Having interacted with hundreds of digital marketing professionals, and being a digital marketer myself, I can say with utmost confidence that Manoj Aravidakshan is the best digital marketer I have known and he still remains to be the best digital marketing mentor to Me.

Manoetta, (that's how I address him, "Etta" means elder brother in Malayalam), whatever I am today as a digital marketer, wherever I am today as a digital marketer, I owe this to only one person, and that is YOU. And I am sure, like Me, there would be hundreds of others trained by Manoj, who will echo the same words as mine.

Thank you very much for encouraging, convincing, and mentoring Me to take this path.

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